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Food Revolution.
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The People’s Food and Farming Alliance champions food sovereignty and security,
for The People, by The People.

grow your own
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Grow Your Own

Transform any space, big or tiny, into a bountiful garden. From beginner to advanced techniques, we’ll show you how to grow your own delicious food. Take a look at our guides now!

community growing groups
Villas & Shovel

Community Growing Groups

Join the movement of community-grown produce and protect yourself against future food shortages. Learn how to start a community garden today!

farmers and producers

Farmers and Producers

The PFFA aims to support farmers and growers in their time of need. Discover our innovative solutions and make a difference in the agricultural community.

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Join the PFFA Open Forum Public Meeting with Q&As!

Wednesday, 6th March at 7pm

British farming is under attack. And that means you are too.
Farmers across the UK are an instrumental part in helping us maintain our food sovereignty.

Your farmer needs you! And you need your farmer!

Join us to learn what farmers are up against, and the solutions we’re actioning.

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Here you will find details of different options to fund your business or project. These include private and government grants, loans, mortgages and crowdfunding. However, this is not a complete list and does not take into account what grants might be available in your local area, so it’s always best to check there first.

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Farmer Buying Guide

By pooling your orders with others, you can buy in bulk, and as the costs to shops or suppliers can be lower if there is a group of buyers you may benefit from significant discounts.

Get the Group Buying Guide

Making a donation today helps us further our mission to revolutionise how we produce food for you and your family. Giving monthly will speed us towards our funding goal, enabling more of our transformational restoration and provisioning plans.

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