About Us

The People’s Food & Farming Alliance (PFFA) has been formed, by a small group of volunteers, to assist local communities in growing and producing food products to counter any incoming food shortages, and future crop production.

A Growing Initiative

Created and powered by volunteers, The PFFA aims to guide and educate us all, on all scales, to grow and rear our own food in achievable capacities, empowering us to counter any incoming food shortages and future crop production.

We aim to:

  1. increase UK citizen involvement in agricultural and horticultural food systems and
  2. prepare contingencies for potentials not addressed in the mainstream

We do this together by:

  • Connecting communities with local farmers
  • Offering education and possibly accreditation in the future
  • Promoting natural food production

We can reap the rewards:

  • Food sovereignty
  • Food security
  • More and better choice
  • Healing and empowering individuals, our communities and our farmers.

So, where do we start?

We need to consider the current agricultural landscape within the UK.

Many UK farmers are restricted by government rules and funding. DEFRA and the NFU play a large role in the control of agriculture to the extent that farmers hands are tied due to fertiliser production and cost, fodder and logistics.

WE can help them by absolutely transforming the way we produce food, particularly in these urgent times.

PFFA will be approaching this in the following 3 main areas:

grow your own
Growing Carrot

Grow Your Own

Transform any space, big or tiny, into a bountiful garden. From beginner to advanced techniques, we’ll show you how to grow your own delicious food. Take a look at our guides now!

community growing groups
Villas & Shovel

Community Growing Groups

Join the movement of community-grown produce and protect yourself against future food shortages. Learn how to start a community garden today!

farmers and producers

Farmers and Producers

The PFFA aims to support farmers and growers in their time of need. Discover our innovative solutions and make a difference in the agricultural community.

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