It’s a slugs life – How to catch a slug

By Kim Haley

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Handy tips on how to catch & dispose of slugs

I think we can all agree. The common or garden slug is a problem. If you want to grow organically in your garden, it is even more of a problem.

We don’t want them devouring our crops, but nor do we relish plotting beer traps and spreading copious amounts of salt or sand around our precious plants….and wait for them to perish.

A better, more humane and ecologicial way is to catch them and dispose of them as you see fit, i.e. in a compost heap, over the wall or a bucket of lime, depending upon your preferences.

Like everyone, slugs and snails like to find a safe, moist spot at the end of a hard day. Somewhere to unwind and, perhaps, take a snack.

A variety of household items can be used, such as a pan lid or upturned bowl, to supply them with a place of refuge. Select an appropriate, leafy spot and lean it against a rock or raised patch to make an entrance. Perhaps leave some potato peel or other decaying matter inside to lure them in.

They particularly like yeast and sugary liquids such as beer and milk, plant leaves, fungi, stems and roots, potato peel and any decaying matter in general…..but not with acidity.

Next time you look you will find the little blighters socially gathered on the underside and ready to be relocated somewhere not in the vicinity of your garden.

A local, Lancashire company have spent the past year studying the behavior of slugs to, specifically, design a product to catch slugs. It will be in production this spring. If you do not want to use an old bowl or kitchen oddment and would like more information about this slug hotel, the company is

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