Sowing the Seeds of Change

By Seb Lee

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Unveiling the Hidden Powers of Soil

Growing your own food is about so much more than reclaiming ownership over your own life, taking responsibility for the lives of your family and defying evil tyrants at every opportunity.

Yes, whilst all of those wonderful and righteous benefits will certainly make you feel more empowered against the never-ending soul harvest of modern life, there is a far more enriching and life-affirming revelation hidden beneath the very soil at your fingertips.

In order to help you discover it, I’m going to have to take you on a journey through time; or atleast what you think you know as time, to fully appreciate the power beneath your feet.


No Life Without Soil

There is no life in this realm without the soil that brings it forth.

We need only take a cursory glance at the vast and desolate landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula to see what becomes of a place where no soil lives. 

Without the physical connection to soil, man seeks comfort in the erection of synthetic gardens, even fooling himself into believing that the twisted franken-corruption of his creation is a wonder of ingenuity; a feat of impeccable endeavour, like Saudi Arabia’s ‘The Line’, a 500 metre high by 200 metre wide 170 km long smart city which describes itself as “A place of unparalleled social and economic experimentation.”

No doubt.

Such a place may look bright and attractive on the surface, such as it is, built with fancy baubles and trinkets to draw lost, hopeless souls to it like moths to a flame, yet there is a hollowness to it all; an ever-present emptiness, unshakeable beneath the fine trappings, always leading to the very same questions that, left unanswered, make the tyranny and corruption of the last 3 years possible: what is soul? where does it come from? what is its purpose? 


No Soul Without Soil

All questions your ancestors never would have asked. Such thoughts would never have even entered their minds.

What made them different? And if so different, how would they have defended themselves against the psychological onslaught you endured during the early 2020s?

I’d argue they would never have had to; not because of the obvious lack of a technological means to distribute and deliver a mass hypnosis program such as the one you endured, but because their lives were already filled with too much purpose that there was simply no room for the kind of evil that corrupted the minds of men during this time – and continues to this day.

Such evil requires a void to fill so that it can take hold of its host to such an extent that it is able to exert its will on the physical realm around it.

Your ancestors may not have had the material possessions or conveniences that you have, but wherever they were lacking, that void was quickly filled with faith or purpose, both of which become the finest armour against evil.

You see, in a time of ‘lack’, as we are often taught our ancestors experienced; there was no option but to live a life of purpose because survival literally depended on it. 

If you’re too busy growing food, rearing animals, tending to shelter, securing water and defending your family, there is no void for evil to fill; and malicious mind altering practices just won’t work.

Which is why we get to the soil.

Your ancestors knew that in order to sustain life, they had to sustain and nourish the soil and in so doing, knowingly or unknowingly, nourished their souls too.

Tending the soil filled their soul – whether they were aware of it or not.


A Dangerous Disconnect

And is that not the most dangerous disconnect of all? How modern society has evolved into full-fledged truckatarians? With no concept of when and where food comes from, other than the supermarket?

Meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, insect eaters – we’re all the same. We’re all truckatarians because very few of us could sustain our diets without the trucks.

This is like growing a tree without roots, feeding it via tubes to keep it alive. As you can imagine, there are a few problems with this model:

1) The survival of the tree is wholly dependant on an external input

2) If it gets stormy, the tree won’t be able to withstand the battering

3) The nutrient quality and ingredients can be altered at whim


The bigger question then, perhaps; could you even call it a real tree at all?

Is it not just a model, artificially animated via subscription-only synthetic inputs? No different from the one you’d see if you put the VR headset on?

Is it really alive?

Without our connection to the earth, our own roots burrowing deep into the soil where we stand, are we not just artificially animated avatars of our true divine form? Suckling on synthetic feed, celebrating our addiction to Soylent Green with virtuous labels, wearing them like badges of honour without ever being present enough to realise what actually happened?

That our vital and sacred connection to the earth and soil has been stolen from us; and with it, our sense of purpose. Leaving us with a void that faith no longer fills.

We are naked, without armour, and the enemy is afoot.

But all is not lost.

If we could find our way back to the soil beneath our feet and truly appreciate its relationship to the entire cycle of life, we will begin to remember our place in this realm and our connection to all the things around us.

We will remember that everything has a time, everything a season, and once we begin to remember this simple perfect mechanism of our world, we will begin to see and ask the biggest question of all: how?

How is everything so perfect? So abundant? So timely?

In seeking that answer, we will find the armour that evil cannot penetrate, and the roots that gave our ancestors the strength to weather all storms.

All you have to do is put your fingers in the soil and hear it.


“And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying:


Behold, a sower went forth to sow;

And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, 

and the fowls came and devoured them up:


Some fell upon stony places, 

where they had not much earth: 

and forthwith they sprung up, 

because they had no deepness of earth:


And when the sun was up, they were scorched; 

and because they had no root, they withered away.


And some fell among thorns; 

and the thorns sprung up, 

and choked them:


But others fell into good ground, 

and brought forth fruit, 

some an hundredfold, 

some sixtyfold, 

some thirtyfold.


Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”


The power in cultivating soil goes way beyond its nutrient content or the fruit it grows.

And it is abundant. 

It is yours if you want it.


Author Bio:

Seb Lee lives in the North of England where he has been practising small-scale suburban self sufficiency for over a decade.

He grows & preserves his own food, keeps chickens, generates his own power and explores alternative ways to make a living by interacting with the system as little as possible.

Described by others as a philosopher, teacher, homesteader and sovereign being, he shares his experiences of becoming more self sufficient on

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