Why should we grow our own fruit and vegetables?

By Sammie

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We are living in a very precarious world, with so many changes happening. Whilst a lot of this is out of our control, one thing that we can focus on and control – is to start to grow our own vegetables.

An outdoor lifestyle with physical activity is linked to living a longer healthier life. With gardening you are getting low-intensity physical on most days.

Some of the benefits of growing your own vegetables:

  • Be able to supply ourselves with home-grown, organic food.
    • In a time where supply chains are breaking down
    • In a time where food costs are soaring
    • Fresh food from garden to stove to plate
    • Increase fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Overall health benefits
    • Improve mental health
    • Increases self-confidence
    • Reduce stress
    • Induces peacefulness and content
    • Feel more relaxed
    • Being in the moment
    • Soil Therapy **
  • Connecting with nature
    • Being outdoors
    • Fresh air
    • Vitamin D from sun
    • Being around wildlife
  • Learning new skills
    • Responsibility – caring for plants
    • Understanding – cause and effect
    • Self-confidence – achieving goals and enjoying food grown
    • Pass onto the next generation
    • Family hobby
  • Control of your own crop
    • Grow what you wish
    • No pesticides
    • Use your own fertiliser
  • Cut down on food bills
    • Initial outlay
      • seeds, pots, gardening tools
  • Food exchange
    • With friends, family and neighbours

**Soil therapy

Studies have shown that gardening produces health benefits by exposing gardeners to a non-pathogenic bacterium in soil called Mycobacterium Vaccae.

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