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The People’s Food and Farming Alliance (PFFA) will commit to assisting all of us in the quickest, healthiest and most cost-effective way for many of us to grow some of our own produce.
This will include not just vegetation, but also poultry and livestock, herbs for medicinal purposes, and foraging. These steps can be taken by virtually all of us and we can help guide everyone, even those of us in financial hardship.

grow your own

Grow Your Own

Transform any space, big or tiny, into a bountiful garden. From beginner to advanced techniques, we’ll show you how to grow your own delicious food. Take a look at our guides now!

community growing groups

Community Growing Groups

Join the movement of community-grown produce and protect yourself against future food shortages. Learn how to start a community garden today!


How You Can Help

Farmers and Growers have come under increasing pressure in recent months and years and we have put forward some ideas for solutions.

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