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Overwintering Cattle

Part four of our overwintering series - keeping cattle safe over winter - a lot depends on the kind of barn you have.

Overwintering Chickens

Part three of our overwintering series - Keeping chickens warm and healthy over a cold winter

Overwintering Ducks

Part two of our overwintering series - Some tips on keeping ducks over the winter period

Overwintering Goats

Part one of our overwintering series - Goats can handle the cold as they grow a thick cashmere coat in winter

Why is it good for us to get our hands dirty?

We all know that feeling of well-being after being outside in nature. But how does getting our hands dirty really benefit us?

Why should we grow our own fruit and vegetables?

We are living in a very precarious world, with so many changes happening. Whilst a lot of this is out of our control, one thing that we can focus on and control – is to start to grow our own vegetables.

Think storage BEFORE you start planting!

Learning how to effectively store your home-grown produce is key in becoming more self-sufficient.

Dr. Elaine Ingham: How to Build Great Soil

We need to avoid soil compaction where nutrients can’t be created, otherwise anaerobic acidic lifeforms that are not healthy will kill plants with a low pH environment.