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Jill, one of the PFFA admin team, explains how she first became a member and talks about her GYO city garden.

I first came across the name Katherine Macbean from a friend who belonged to another group of a spiritual nature as I am not really into religion as it is portrayed around the world.  I was impressed by her straight talking and the fact that she was giving people solutions to problems.  This I call in my world, “Doing the Walk, not just the Talk”.

So I started to grow my own food. I had watched several videos by this time of Katherine’s and others and coming from a semi-rural background growing up in a village, probably now swallowed up by the nearest town. It was something I had grown up with, my grandparents had this enormous back garden and grew everything.  If I and my sister went missing you would most likely find us in the pea patch eating away, or in the greenhouse eating home grown tomatoes.

I grew just a few bits at first, potatoes, lettuce, strawberries, you know all the usual things we start off with.  Not a great deal of success, as it is for most newbie growers the first year.  However, I wasn’t deterred as one of the main surprises to me, having thought I don’t have any green fingers, (not so sure I still do) and never actually liked gardening of any sorts, was that I enjoyed the experience!!!

It was hard work, but for an office dweller all of my working life, it was so peaceful and quietened my mind.  Watching the crop blossom the following year, this time I had branched out, carrots, runner beans and peas as well potatoes and strawberries.  Not sure why strawberries, only that my youngest daughter and her two boys would live on them by choice.  I much prefer raspberries myself (this has been added this year to my crop). I really did get a sense of immense pleasure and pride and I got a few meals out of what I had grown.  I have a small garden as I live in the city now, so this is not a large farming commitment, this is just me having a go at growing a bit of my own food.  This is why I joined the PFFA to improve my knowledge and to make me feel like I am contributing something to the world we all want to live in through volunteering.

We are in a kind of war, not necessarily of guns and bullets, but a war nevertheless.  I have grandchildren and I want them to grow up knowing a better life, as well as living it.  When they are older and this is all behind us, and they ask me Nan what did you do in the War, I can proudly face them and say, well I did some growing in my own garden and volunteered to help reach people who are unaware of all the corruption.  

So my plea to all of you reading this is, get involved, spare a few hours a week, check out if there are any community growing hubs in your vicinity and start one if not.  Check out if there is a PFFA Regional Ambassador near you, offer help with leaflet delivery or go to support your local farmer and farm shop. Even city dwellers can do something to help deliver food security and city dwellers can certainly grow their own potatoes in a tub.  What are you waiting for?


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