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Saving Seeds

Ideas for saving & exchanging seeds

It’s a slugs life – How to catch a slug

Handy tips on how to catch & dispose of slugs

Preparing Your Soil for Growing

A short blog providing tips on preparing your soil for growing. This includes when & how to dig & caring for your tools.

Storing and Preserving your Harvest

Harvesting is such a satisfying time when growers can be rewarded with efforts put into growing their crops. Therefore, it is important to consider storing appropriately in order to keep them for as long as possible at their best.

Insects and Small Animals, Pest or Helpers?

Auxilliary insects and small animals, also called helpers, can improve crops even when they may commonly be known as pests.

Guerrilla Gardening

Most community areas and urban landscapes have small plots of neglected and abandoned patches of land. These could easily be transformed into enjoyable spaces for local people. Individuals, or groups, reclaiming such spaces and growing flowers, trees

Pig Farming

Keeping pigs is easy and profitable. Pigs are adapted to a variety of climates, and raised throughout the world. It’s an easy and profitable business.

Overwintering Cattle

Part four of our overwintering series - keeping cattle safe over winter - a lot depends on the kind of barn you have.

Overwintering Chickens

Part three of our overwintering series - Keeping chickens warm and healthy over a cold winter

Overwintering Ducks

Part two of our overwintering series - Some tips on keeping ducks over the winter period

Overwintering Goats

Part one of our overwintering series - Goats can handle the cold as they grow a thick cashmere coat in winter

Why is it good for us to get our hands dirty?

We all know that feeling of well-being after being outside in nature. But how does getting our hands dirty really benefit us?

Why should we grow our own fruit and vegetables?

We are living in a very precarious world, with so many changes happening. Whilst a lot of this is out of our control, one thing that we can focus on and control – is to start to grow our own vegetables.

Think storage BEFORE you start planting!

Learning how to effectively store your home-grown produce is key in becoming more self-sufficient.

Dr. Elaine Ingham: How to Build Great Soil

We need to avoid soil compaction where nutrients can’t be created, otherwise anaerobic acidic lifeforms that are not healthy will kill plants with a low pH environment.