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Weight loss without hunger.

Losing weight is easier than most people think but to do so we need to eat the opposite of what we are told to eat. A second blog post from Charlie Spedding.

The Empire of Experts

 Our lives are becoming increasingly subservient to the opinion of experts. It feels as if we are less inclined to trust what our grandmothers told us or to trust our innate common sense. A blog by Charlie Spedding.

We are all farmers now.

Nick Cooper and Angie McKenzie help to spread the More Farmers, More Food campaign at their street stall in Ramsgate.

Wondering which compost to buy?

As the growing season gets started we take a look at a compost trial carried out by Daniel the Patient Gardener.

Now is the time to get your potatoes planted.

Now is a really great time to plant potatoes. They are a great food staple and very easy to grow. You can grow them almost anywhere, in anything (bags, tubs, buckets, containers or in the ground.) As long as you have soil, light and water.
Organic garden

Life in Lincolnshire – More Farms More Food

The importance of grow your own and supporting our local farmers. A report from Lincolnshire, reposted from

Farm Visit – Eye Opener

It's not until you visit a UK farm that you realise how difficult it is for farmers to meet all the requirements and make a living from the land.

My first year of growing vegetables

If you are thinking of growing your own vegetables, then just get started. It could be easier than you thought.

Choosing the Perfect Plants for You

Matching Time and Experience for Your Growing Journey

Choosing Plants for Successful Container and Indoor Gardening

A beginner's 'how to' guide.

Top Tips for Picking the Right Plants

A Guide to Choosing the Right Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs for Your Garden

Companion Planting

The Art of Harmonious Garden Relationships

Top Skills to Learn for Self-Sufficiency

A Guide to Building a Reliable Lifestyle

World Farm Animals Day

Celebrating Ethical Choices for Farm Animals

The Basics of Foraging in the UK

A journey into the wild!