Many people are happy to dedicate some personal time to supporting farmers with their physical energy.

None of this is ideal with the current farm set-ups, but choices are limited and we must work with what we have, to the best of our ability. Some crops may prove difficult but much thought must be given to future growth and harvesting. For picking and packing, soft fruit etc, we can utilise the support of community members, who can also ready the product for sale/distribution in local regions.

This need not be costly as we don’t have to worry about the major distribution networks and supermarkets. More of a pasture to plate approach would work for local picking and distribution, and The People’s Food and Farming Alliance and local communities can support in bringing this to reality. If you have livestock, many people would be keen to get involved in terms of care and feeding. Dairy farmers will soon have to address their models to ensure human labour can be brought in to support milking, feeding and care. This shift will take some time but needs to start now. If you need to offload cattle, consider working directly with local community groups and local farmers who wish to diversify. The government currently is keen to attack livestock numbers in the UK and it is essential that we create our own systems to ensure all animals are utilised and cared for, even if it means a whole new way to view this process. Many local groups and regions will be looking to add a couple of beef and dairy cows to their food production systems.


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