Now is the time to get your potatoes planted.


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Now is a really great time to plant potatoes. They are a great food staple and very easy to grow. You can grow them almost anywhere, in anything (bags, tubs, buckets, containers or in the ground.) As long as you have soil, light and water.

  • Potatoes are grown from seed potatoes, but ultimately you can grow potatoes from any potato that is sprouting. Whether this be last year’s leftover crop or from a bag of out-of-date shop bought spuds. Ideally use those grown in the UK, rather than from those acclimatised to other countries conditions. It’s always best to buy British! 
  • There are 3 classifications of potatoes:
  • 1st earlies  – New potatoes with thin skins. First early potatoes are ready in 12 weeks, so can be harvested once ready and more planted in the same space. The latest you can plant first earlies is the last week of July, for a crop just as the first frosts arrive. 
  • 2nd earlies – from planted to harvest in 16 weeks. These include salad potatoes. 
  • Maincrop – harvest after 20+ weeks or when the tops have died back in Autumn. Jacket and roasting potatoes. These are the potatoes you store and eat through winter.

Within these there are many varieties to choose from, so pick the ones you like the description of.

  • If you have enough space, plant all 3. You just leave them in the ground and start eating your way through them. Start with eating the first earlies, then seconds and dig up your maincrop in Autumn and store in a cold, dark rodent-free place. You can store them in plastic bins, hessian or paper sacks and eat these through winter into spring. We can eat potatoes nearly all year round in the UK if grown and stored properly. 
  • If you don’t have much space, do what you can, with what you have. Potatoes will grow in plastic bags, flower pots and buckets. 
  • Plant 1 potato in a bag or container or space out evenly in the ground. Remember to earth them up high so the potato is buried deep under the soil. Watch out for unexpected frosts that kill off the green tops (cover them over in dry straw so the leaves are hidden if cold weather threatens) and keep them well watered and don’t let them dry out. They also love a bit of sun, don’t we all!
  • Harvesting potatoes is like finding treasure and such fun for children and adults alike. So enjoy growing your own spuds, have fun and reap the rewards of your success and don’t forget to give us a shout on our socials if you have any questions about growing potatoes. Send us your pictures of how you grow your spuds and join in the PFFA Great Potato Challenge! 


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