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Richard Vobes says, “We MUST start now!”

Farming is under attack, but the people are fighting back to keep real food on the table. Richard is joined by Mark Byford, the Bowler Hatted Farmer, and Katherine McBean from the People's Farming and Food Alliance to discuss ways forward.

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Introducing Sustainable Directory

We're proud to announce our collaboration with Sustainable, a platform dedicated to empowering food producers and bypassing corporate supermarkets. See how you can become part of this food security network.

Learn how to build a community farm.

Katherine Macbean talks with Keivor John about setting up "My Little Farm' in the South Downs, Sussex.

Deborah Syrett’s Herbalism Webinar

Deborah Syrett talks about building a collection of herbal remedies and how you can use them to your advantage as natural medicines. 💚


Richard Vobes takes another visit to 'My Little Farm' in East Sussex to catch up with progress on the community farm project.


Do you want to grow your own but feel overwhelmed or lack confidence? We're here to help with expert guidance 💚
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Katherine joined Pam Gregory to talk about food security.

Essential viewing as Katherine Macbean talks with Pam Gregory about food security and taking control.

Open Forum Part 2

Katherine Macbean and Mark Byford The Bowler Hat Farmer discuss the next steps planned by the PFFA and how YOU can very much get involved. Events are hotting up and as always the PFFA are here to give you the solutions.
Open Food Network

View interview with Nick Weir from the Open Food Network

The Open Food Network enables local distribution of produce via food hubs and improves food security.

Join Charles Dowding & Katherine Macbean talking about environmental influence on plant growth.

Do you ever look up at the sky in wonder? Does the sky look different to you recently?

mRNA in Agriculture

Read a report by expert Dr Byram Bridle highlighting his primary concerns on this use of mRNA technology in agriculture.

UK imported £39.5 billion of food between March ’21 and February ’22

Both Brexit, and the lockdown exposed how unstable both our food security and food system is in UK It seems ludicrous that food we can produce here must be imported from elsewhere.