The aim of this campaign is to protect, with farmers permission, their livestock and poultry from either being culled or injected with mrna technology, under the guise of ‘bird flu’.

Further to recent reports from the US, we are seeing a rising narrative supporting the story that bird flu cases are growing, with some reports suggesting this ‘virus’ is jumping from birds to livestock and then to humans.

We have every reason to believe this story is a fallacy and is being used by global governments, their agencies, NGO’s and other unelected control groups, to gain further control of our food production systems, food sovereignty, and our farmland.

The use of PCR tests as a diagnostic tool is the first alarm bell that would suggest this narrative is a fallacy and we have yet to see any solid and supported scientific, independent, evidence that this suggested outbreak is of any genuine concern. Again, they are seemingly lying.

In response to these initial reports, I would recommend we organise a campaign to either stop this from becoming a UK narrative, OR, if it goes that far, mobilise the people of the UK to stop the relevant bodies from getting ‘on-site’ on farms.

‘Guard The Gate’ is fundamentally what it says on the tin. The following points highlight the basic process of the aims and actions of this campaign.

  1. Connect with poultry and livestock farmers to get a ‘feel’ of their thoughts on the narrative.
  2. Start using social media (and other platforms) to highlight the nonsense of PCR tests, the evidence to suggest this ‘issue’ will come to the UK, and the basic plan of this campaign.
  3. Lead those interested to establish a local group of concerned people, via Whatsapp/Telegram/Signal, who can come together to get organised.
  4. Share the message that in these groups, should a local farmer reach out, a small team of local people (first wave) would get to the concerned farmer immediately and physically stand at the gate to stop DEFRA/police/Biohaz from entering the private farm land.
  5. Those in the first wave can use their vehicles and their physical presence to turn these people away. Should these be a problem, they then call in the second wave of people, which will ideally be a much bigger group.
  6. NOBODY on our side is to become physical, aggressive or inflammatory at any point, except only in self defence. NOBODY on our side is to antagonise a situation or make threats. WE only respond if required to defend ourselves. THEY have to make the first move.
  7. Each team of the First Wave have a couple of dedicated people who are steady and calm, ideally those people will be trained in the basics of their lawful position and are able to maintain a calm environment. They just refuse to comply and hold the line. These people would also be given basic training in understanding the science of PCR tests and normal viral activity.
  8. Should the Second Wave have to attend, please ensure each group has a couple of people ready to record the entire process and ideally someone to stream everything live to social media.

The aims of this campaign are to ensure we don’t lose poultry or livestock and we don’t risk having mrna poison bought into our food chain.

By utilising the people of the local community then we ensure people feel empowered, the numbers should grow as awareness grows, and if we start now (before things really kick off in the uk) we are sending a loud message to the establishment straight away – They DO NOT get to mess with our food!

Avian Influenza (AI) and current Vaccination Facts

AI is a notifiable disease in the UK.

The AI virus is an RNA virus which mutates easily but has not mutated to easily infect people or other species.
Wild birds and waterfowl especially are a significant reservoir of infection, so minimise your birds’ and animals’ contact with them as much as possible.
High pathogenicity strains are highly infectious with high mortality to other birds only.
Birds infected with low pathogenicity strains can recover but aren’t necessarily fully protected against highly pathogenic strains.
Only people who are severely immune suppressed with comorbidities are at any possible risk of infection.
Even in people who do get infected, symptoms can be mild to severe. Death in people is extremely rare.
Stress will reduce immunity, so minimise stress.

PCR Testing

Kary Mullis PhD who got a Nobel Prize for developing the PCR test said it should not be used for disease diagnosis.
PCR amplifies the presence of biological material so that something present in tiny amounts can be detected eg finding DNA at a crime scene. A positive result does not mean the criminal is still present at the scene!
Each cycle of the PCR test doubles the material present at an exponential rate. If the Cycle threshold (Ct) is less than 24 the original sample can be considered infectious. Above Ct = 24 it cannot be considered infectious.
Over-cycling the PCR up to Ct = 40 cannot therefore be considered as an indication of active infectivity, and may only indicate a contaminant or past infection.
A PCR test can only be properly interpreted in light of knowing the Ct value. Insist on being told this number and especially whether any test was positive at Ct = 24 or lower.
Virus isolation is the only true method to detect presence of infection, but takes time.

Vaccination types

Conventional vaccines are currently made in chicken eggs and cannot be produced in sufficient numbers quickly enough, especially if a new strain emerges.
Being produced in chicken eggs, contaminant chicken egg material may induce unintended consequences such as auto-immunity.
Due to the high AI mutation rate and antibody strain specificity required for protection, vaccination is not very effective and will increase the pressure to mutate and evade vaccine-induced antibodies
The chicken immune system doesn’t mature until 6-8 weeks old. How effective is vaccination before this age?
The mRNA platform are not true vaccines just because the definition has been changed to accommodate them.
mRNA injections can induce severe unintended adverse reactions which may be fast onset or delayed.
mRNA and/or the proteins they instruct the body to produce may induce protein misfolding which can manifest as amyloid or prions. Prions cause Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs) such as BSE and Scrapie. Some prions can cross species to humans and cause Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD).

Prions are highly indestructible and can contaminate the environment which could include soil, soil organisms, the water and may be taken up by plant roots and distributed to the leaves. Widespread mRNA use amongst food birds and animals has the potential to contaminate those individuals and the environment and potentially food crops. The speed at which mRNA products are currently developed (in weeks) and brought to market do not allow sufficient time to establish their safety either in the short term or long term.
The short-cuts being taken in product manufacture add additional layers of danger.

Roger Meacock MRCVS