Community Growing Groups Blog

The Basics of Foraging in the UK

A journey into the wild!

A Beginner’s Guide to Harvesting Your Homegrown Produce

Tips, Tools, and Techniques to help you with your harvest

Creating a Local Seed Exchange 

Establish a lively local seed exchange by sparking interest through various channels.

An Introduction To Seed Saving

Preserving Nature's Abundance

Raising Cows

A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Cattle Husbandry

The Power of Organic Gardening

Growing Naturally for a Healthier Future

Raising Goats

A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Goat Keeping

Raising Pigs

A comprehensive guide to pig farming.

The Power of Buying Local & Direct

Supporting Farmers and Communities in the UK

Cultivating Success With Crop Rotation

A Beginner's Guide to Crop Rotation

Fruit Bush Care

A guide to caring for different types of fruit bushes in the UK

Raising Ducks

A Beginner's Guide to Successful Duck Keeping