More Farmers, More Food Campaign

PFFA & partners are excited to launch a new and exciting campaign, which promotes increased farmers and greater numbers of people across the UK getting involved in food production!

The More Farmers, More Food campaign will promote several areas:

  1. Increase the number of farmers across the UK, particularly those who wish to adopt small, local, mixed farming approaches to meet the nutritional needs of those in their local community.
  2. We wish to connect with farmers considering taking the governments offer of DEFRA’s ‘Lump Sum Exit Scheme’, of which already over 2,000 farmers are signed up. We cannot afford to lose anymore farmers, or farm land, to government schemes – we need these to be able to eat!
  3. We wish to help grow the number of small producers across the UK, albeit, small mixed farms, community farms, co-op farms, horticultural schemes and businesses, fruit or cereal growers.
  4. This campaign will support the growth of local processors and retailers in the food production movement. We wish to grow more local dairy processors for cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt and other food items. We would like to see expansion in the use of wool, lanolin, manure and other by-products to reduce waste and increase natural products within local manufacturing. We will support the opening of local abattoirs, feed mixers and butcheries, either mobile or static, to reduce costs for farmers and support local production.
  5. We will target national control structures, such as DEFRA and EA, to ensure we reduce legislative controls that limit local growth and farmers ability to diversify to a greater mixed farming approach. We need More Farmers able to function fully and serve their community, and we need relaxed rules to ensure local organisations can move swiftly and effectively to help support More Food.

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