More Farmers, More Food Campaign – leaflet.

Join us in our More Farmers, More Food Campaign to protect British farming and ensure food security.

What is happening in British Farming?

  • We are losing British farmers at an alarming rate.
  • We need farmers for food security. Imagine a world where we are completely reliant on other countries for our food. 
  • Farmers are being priced out of the market by supermarkets.
  • Unnecessary regulations are preventing farmers from doing their jobs efficiently. 
  • British farmers are being encouraged to exit the market via a DEFRA lump sum payment scheme. 

Why is it important to support British Farmers?

  • We need farmers for our own survival & food sovereignty. 
  • British farming is critical in times of supply chain issues.
  • Local farms are crucial in preventing government overreach in our food supply. 

How can you help both farmers & yourself?

  • Farmers are our friends, it is the supermarkets who are creating the price rises. 
  • Support your local farm shops. Your money goes to the farmers direct rather than being siphoned off as supermarket shareholder profits. 
  • Find your local community farm and see how you can get involved. Do they need volunteers? 
  • Get to know your local farmers, create direct relationships where you can. Let them know that they have public support. 
  • Grow your own and/or reach out within your local community to share growing ideas. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Buddy up with friends or family. For example, 6 people each with a growing area. Each person grows two crops. That’s 12 crops in total to share and you can pool resources and help each other prepare your plots. 

How the PFFA can help:

  • We can give guidance on Grow your Own.  
  • We are creating a Food Hub model. Please see our webinar & watch this space.
  • Check out Open Food Network Webinar.
  • Contact us at 
  • Print out our leaflet and share it in your local area. Reach out to consumers and farmers alike.
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The leaflet below is free to use and was designed by Nick Cooper a PFFA member from Ramsgate.

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