Group Buying Guide

By pooling your orders with others, you can buy in bulk, and as the costs to shops or suppliers can be lower if there is a group of buyers you may benefit from significant discounts.

What are the advantages of buying as a group?

It’s good for your pocket

Some people find it difficult to get to supermarkets or other shops which tend to have the cheapest prices. They may also struggle with online shopping; they may not have a computer or might be put off by delivery costs. Joining forces means you can find more convenient ways to get what you need and can share the costs. Some groups order directly from suppliers, rather than buying in shops, cutting out the middleman. This can mean further savings.

Some things are more complicated than others to buy. Getting the best deal can be harder work in some cases than in others. For example, when buying heating oil, prices change very frequently. The group coordinator can watch the market and buy at the right time. In renewable energy schemes, finding the right supplier takes some time and effort but by buying as a group, you have more skills and knowledge between you.

It’s good for the community

Group buying can bring people together which may lead on to other activities that benefit communities. It can be a way for you to meet up with friends and make new friends with people you might otherwise not come across.

It’s good for learning new skills

Volunteering in a buying group can be a way of getting new skills and experience and developing confidence. For example: being able to speak in front of a group, working in a team to solve problems and developing computer, business, and marketing skills.

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