Partners and Affiliates

Together we are stronger. Together we can provide real solutions to achieve food sovereignty. We love working closely with our Partners & Affiliates to achieve this common goal. Connect with us here for more information.

The Weedy Garden

David Trood is an Australian-born, prize-winning travel and commercial photographer who pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling with his passionate narrative of people and nature.

Nourish Community

A not-for-profit grow project where we make fresh organic produce accessible to all! We also run workshops so that you too can grow healthy, organic and nourishing food from the comfort of your own home, allotment or community project.

Farmacy Co-op

Farmacy Co-op is a not-for-profit owned by the People that is helping to create food security for communities all over the country - focused on food that is healthy & local.
down to earth stroud

Down To Earth Stroud

Down to Earth Stroud’s (known officially as Down to Earth Gloucestershire) aims to support groups and individuals in the county of Gloucestershire by increasing access to and availability of local sustainable food for local communities.
common ground logo

The Common Ground Project

The Common Ground Project is a land and wealth gifting network which drives land use toward regenerative practice and common good. We have land ready for you to use, cooperative and economic models in place, and we'd like to share with you how it all works, and find out how you'd like to use it.
crops not shops logo

Crops Not Shops

Crops not shops is a mission and vision of building a free and fair food sharing network, rebuilding regenerative communities based on our sacred connection to mother earth, transforming people gardens, allotments and public green spaces into thriving bio diversive eco systems of food production and wildlife havens.
Open Food Network

Open Food Network

Open source software designed for food producers and community food hubs. Every food enterprise is different. Whatever your model, we’re here to support. More than just software, we are a thriving community
Visit the People's Health Alliance

Our sister site is an organic, people-led, integrated health initiative that aims to educate, support and empower people to take responsibility for their own health.

visit the people's health alliance
Find a Local Producer

Discover the delicious taste of locally sourced produce! Instantly find the finest and freshest options in your area via our partner site, Open Food Network.

Visit the open food network