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Farmers and Growers have come under increasing pressure in recent months and years, and it doesn’t look like the powers that be have any intention of releasing that pressure any time soon. It’s down to us! Many food producers will lose their businesses over the coming months as it is no longer financially viable for them to stay within the industry.

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed a transformation in farming, moving from smaller mixed farms who served their communities, to an industry flooded with large-scale monocrop or single product farms, who are dedicated to supporting the factories and food producers, as well as the demands of UK supermarkets.

This transition to super-sized industrial farming has resulted in local communities, health and our natural world being impacted detrimentally and the damage can now be visually experienced across our nation.

Soil health has been eroded. Human health has been so negatively impacted we can see the results in people within all communities across the UK. The impact on our natural world, our birds and bees, the wildlife in our countryside, and the diversity of our native creatures, has been decimated and damaged in colossal ways that we don’t fully appreciate yet.

Farmers have lost all control over their farming practices, they have invested heavily in new ‘transformative’ machinery and biosecurity chemical solutions, as well as the elephant in the room, chemical reliance. These modern and industrial practices are obliterating our topsoil, and we don’t have much time left to salvage what we need for our species to continue.

The People’s Food & Farming Alliance (PFFA) are here to bring change. We are here to offer solutions. And we are here to engage with communities across the land to pull together to support our local farmers and producers. We are keen to connect with local farmers and producers who understand the need to take back control of our national food production and sovereignty.

We will reach out to local farmers to assist them in realising full cost-effective production, as well as local sales and logistics for distribution, storage and future harvests.

Mixed farming will be making a huge comeback to assist in healing the soil and allowing for local production of all basic food types. PFFA are committed in assisting this return to a more natural, organic farming process, which will work for larger-scale farming, as well as small permaculture approaches.


At PFFA we believe now is the time for farmers and producers to consider diversifying their output, and here are the reasons why and what should be considered

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