World Bee Day


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How can we support one of our favourite pollinators?

World Bee Day is a celebration of one of the most important creatures in our ecosystem. Bees are essential for the pollination of crops and wildflowers, and they play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity.


Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate World Bee Day and help support these vital creatures:

Plant bee-friendly flowers and herbs: Bees are attracted to a variety of flowers and herbs, including lavender, thyme, and borage. By planting these in your garden, you can help attract bees and provide them with a valuable source of nectar.

Provide a water source: Bees need access to clean water to survive, so providing a shallow dish of water in your garden can help attract them and keep them hydrated.

Avoid using pesticides: Pesticides can be harmful to bees and other beneficial insects. Instead, try natural pest control methods like companion planting and hand-picking pests.

Celebrate with honey: What better way to celebrate World Bee Day than with a jar of locally produced honey? Buying honey from local beekeepers not only supports local businesses but also helps ensure the survival of these vital pollinators.

Support conservation efforts: Many organisations are working to protect and conserve bee populations around the world. Consider donating to or volunteering with one of these organisations to help support their efforts.


In addition to their role in maintaining biodiversity, bees also provide numerous benefits to vegetable gardens. Here are some ways that bees can help your vegetable garden thrive:

Increased pollination: Bees are one of the most effective pollinators, which means that they can help ensure a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables.

Improved soil health: Bees help to improve soil health by pollinating wildflowers and other plants that provide important nutrients to the soil.

Pest control: Many beneficial insects, including bees, prey on harmful pests like aphids, helping to keep your garden free from harmful infestations.


By taking steps to attract bees to your garden, you can help promote healthy plant growth and support the health of these vital creatures. So this World Bee Day, why not take a moment to appreciate the important role that bees play in our ecosystem and take action to support their continued survival.

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