Farmer’s Questionnaire.

Ask your local farmer to complete this questionnaire about impacts on their ability to farm sustainably.

Avian Flu and Vaccination Advice Sheet

Roger Meacock – PFFA Resident Vet has produced an advice sheet for those concerned about Avian Flu. Both monochrome and a colour version are available for printing and distribution.

Setting up a Farming Cooperative

A farming cooperative in the UK is a type of agricultural organisation formed by farmers who join together voluntarily to achieve common goals such as purchasing supplies, marketing their produce, or accessing shared resources and services.

Group Buying Guide

By pooling your orders with others, you can buy in bulk, and as the costs to shops or suppliers can be lower if there is a group of buyers you may benefit from significant discounts.


Here you will find details of different options to fund your business or project. These include private and government grants, loans, mortgages and crowdfunding. However, this is not a complete list and does not take into account what grants might be available in your local area, so it’s always best to check there first.