Overwintering Ducks


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Part two of our overwintering series - Some tips on keeping ducks over the winter period

  • Choose ducks which are hardy in your climate
  • If the pond freezes there’s less food for them
  • Provide a coop and they will have shelter and the eggs will be laid there
  • Collect eggs every morning as ducks lay at night and if left all day they can freeze
  • Keep coops clean and dry with fresh bedding every other day
  • Clean coop completely twice monthly
  • Use feeding stations in snow and feed protein rich food as they moult in winter
  • Supplement feed with calcium eg crushed oyster shell
  • If extra cold feed cracked corn for higher carbs for body heat
  • Maintain adequate water for drinking and also for splashing in
  • If off-grid you can empty smaller tubs to refill daily

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