Seeking Regional Ambassadors

Seeking regional ambassadors to support the explosive growth of action in localised food production!


Here at PFFA we work towards, and fully support, the growth of local food production and processes, and understand the need for us all to become involved in growing greater food sovereignty for the UK. 

We are seeking volunteer Ambassadors who can help support and guide across towns and districts, with the following aims:

  • connect various food growth & production groups and organisations, 
  • connect with local farmers to establish what challenges they currently face and build strong relationships 
  • to connect farmers to each other, to PFFA, and to other support groups. 
  • PFFA wish to help communities establish food hubs, increase farmers markets, connect with PFFA partners and would love your help 
  • establish the needs of your community, and feed back to PFFA so we can provide solutions where possible.

We would love to appoint a couple of ambassadors for each village, several for each town, and many across all cities. 

It’s going to take a People’s Army to win this war on food. And we would love you to reach out, should you be interested in becoming a PFFA Ambassador. 

We would suggest you be:

– able to work independently
– communicate effectively 
– able to show compassion and logical thinking abilities 
– be passionate about helping others 
– keen to help move towards food sovereignty. 
– have a solid basic understanding of food production. 

We at PFFA will be holding a closed meeting in a couple of weeks for all people keen to become an Ambassador. 

To receive a personal invitation to this meeting, which will be held via zoom, please express your interest at: 

Thank you. 🙏

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