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PFFA received the following feedback from a visitor to our recent Open Forum. She says, "food sovereignty is the arena upon which our futures depend." Mrs E.G.

In my last email I sent a link to the online meeting of The People’s Food and Farming Alliance held earlier this week which you may have managed to attend

The meeting was both shocking and inspirational. Shocking, because I had no idea that the plan to ban farming and switch us to artificially produced food had progressed so far. Shocking because 49% of British farms are predicted to close this year. And shocking to learn that the farmers who are protesting against the suicidal Net Zero policies are ignorant as to the agenda behind them.

Katherine McBean is a dynamic and inspirational tour de force. The meeting was well organised, and had contributions from individuals all over the country who are already setting up ingenious systems to help save farmers and farming. It is essential that we boycott supermarkets as much as possible. They have positioned themselves between the farmer and the consumer and are exploiting both. It is through them that this agenda will be implemented. We need to buy our food direct from the farmer and that is what the PFFA are trying to make possible.

If you watch nothing else, please watch the meeting replay  (1hr 40 minutes). This meeting has already attracted great interest with over 6,000 views and 1,000 registered and 400 attending.

The PFFA was formed by Katherine McBean who set up the People’s Health Alliance and the plan is to have local food hubs throughout the country, similar to the health hubs. You can donate here and sign up for future Zooms and updates on the campaigns and ways you can get involved locally.

I think this is the most important email I have ever sent and, once you have watched the above, I am sure you will agree.

Food sovereignty is the arena upon which our futures depend.

Best wishes,

Mrs. E.G.

You can view the Open Forum Replay below.

Please watch and share.

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